Ziik integrates easily with your favourite solutions

Integrations are crucial for creating an optimal setup where exchange of user data runs so smooth you can jump back and forth between Ziik and your other business critical solutions without missing a beat.

Find preconfigured apps in our App Directory

Find and easily connect apps from our partners in the App Directory. You’ll find apps within Workforce Management, E-Learning, Operations and HR, and we’re adding new apps on a regular basis.
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Connect your User Directory to Ziik

Connect Ziik to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory to seamlessly authenticate users, grant access to specific information and define roles.

Integrate Microsoft Power BI with Ziik (NEW)

Start serving your Business Data directly to relevant users and roles in Ziik. Our partner, Biwise, has created an interface between Microsoft Power BI and Ziik.

How does 7-Eleven make use of Ziik and Microsoft PowerBI?

Our partner, Biwise, has created an interface between Microsoft Power BI and Ziik.

Direct access to your team collaboration docs

Use Quicklinks to set-up direct and easy access to your online documents, and decide who should be able to see them.

Jump straight to your online Meeting rooms from Ziik

Whether your organisation uses Zoom, Teams or another video conferencing tool, you can make it easy for everybody to jump in and out of meetings by setting up Quicklinks in Ziik.

Build your own integration with our REST API

Haven’t we built an integration for your favourite solution yet? Either tell us – or beat us to it by building your own with our REST API.
See our API Documentation here

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