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Clean, efficient overview: What you see is what you need

  • Personalised feed
    The news and information you need, when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less. All information can be filtered based on company functions, positions, locations and more.

  • Personalised search results
    Get wiser, faster: Ziik only shows search results that are relevant to you, when you search for work information across the organisation.

  • All relevant contact information at your fingertips
    Find colleagues, locations and suppliers when you need them. Ziik’s contact book can be synchronised with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

  • Who’s working when – and where?
    Use the online schedule that comes with Ziik or connect the software you already use to make sure that all shifts are covered.
    Shift schedule

Well informed employees are engaged employees

  • Reach everybody with important announcements
    Use News Posts to share important announcements with the whole company, with individual teams, or with individual employees – at once or at a time set by you. Apply read control when you need confirmation that the message has been received.
    News posts

  • Create an open forum where everyone gets a say
    Engage teams, simplify your project management and let all team members participate or drive the discussions in Groups.

  • Boost your culture with company activities
    Activities helps you keep tabs on everything from upcoming marketing activities, sign-ups for the office summer party or the agenda for the next staff meeting. Ask invitees to confirm their participation to optimise your planning.

  • No more chaotic email threads or outside social media channels
    Use Ziik's Chat function to chat one-to-one or in teams. Get straight to the point with searchable chat history. Ziik chats are private, keeping your company data firmly under your control.

  • Some things need an answer
    The read confirmation from News or the Activity with an invitation will always be marked as a notification until the user has taken action.

Ziik helps your teams do more

  • Build your own dynamic FAQ
    Save answers in our FAQ and share it with whomever it concerns. It can be done on a global and a local level.

  • Get everyone on the same page with online company guides
    Keep your employee handbook, business manuals, guidelines etc. handy and updated at all times.

  • Use all the tools you love from one place
    With Ziik, all the tools you’ve come to love and rely on are just one click away.

  • The right files in the right place for the right people
    Create, store and share company documents, templates, marketing material and more in folders. Share the folders with the ones who need them.

Connect the whole company

Get installed, get started - that’s Ziik. You don’t need a computer or a company e-mail address to get Ziik. All you need is a smartphone and the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Share and get updates on the go
Stay in front wherever you are. With Ziik, employees can communicate, share and find information on the go.

Keep employees informed
Use Ziik to ensure your employees are always up to date on important company news and information with notifications and alerts.

Integrate your favourite tools with Ziik

Ziik integrates easily with the tools and solutions you already use. Connect your favourites directly from our App Directory, set up a quick link, or make your own integration using our API.
Connect your User Directory to Ziik
Connect Ziik to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory to seamlessly authenticate users, grant access to specific information and define roles.
Find your favourites in our App Directory
Find and easily connect apps from our partners in the App Directory within Workforce Management, E-Learning, Operations and HR.
Microsoft Power BI runs on Ziik
Start serving your Business Data directly to relevant users and roles in Ziik. Our partner, Biwise, has created an interface between Microsoft Power BI and Ziik.
Go straight to work in your Google Drive or Office 365
Create Quicklinks for easy access to your online documents and invite collaborators.
Jump directly to your online Meetings
Share your meeting link in activities, groups or chat, or simply create a Quicklink for your online meeting room.
Build your own integration with our API
Develop your own integrations for an even more customised Ziik experience.

Your platform, your brand

Set up Ziik to match your company’s visual identity and brand, and customise it to match your tone of voice as well.

Look and feel
Add your logo and personalise your Ziik experience to match your company identity.

Ziik on your terms
Apply your own names and terms on categories and company roles. Complete the makeover by giving the Ziik platform a name that matches your company and excites your employees.

A screen for any season
Let your app homescreen follow the seasons – or your annual activity and campaign cycle.

How to make your remote workforce happier and more engaged

Did you know that organizational happiness has a direct impact on employee engagement and performance? Download our guide to learn more!

Is everyone on board?

Make sure everyone is using Ziik with easy insights into platform usage and engagement stats for every user.

Make sure everyone is going in the same direction – or find out if there is a better way forward. We’ve made it super easy for users to like, comment and make their voices heard.

Ziik is GDPR compliant by design

Stay in control: Use social media to share company information, and someone else owns your data. Share company information through Ziik, and your data stay yours.

Stay compliant: With Ziik, you can stay calm when the regulators come knocking. Ziik is designed to be GDPR compliant, and all personal data can be deleted at the source when an employee leaves the company.

Stay protected: We use the latest technology to keep your company and your data protected.

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