Ziik makes remote work better work

Wherever they work and whatever devices they use, Ziik brings your teams together so they can continue to collaborate, engage and stay in the loop. It's company culture at your fingertips.

Ziik handles all your communication

With Groups, News and Chat it's easy to stay in touch even when you work remotely. No more internal emailing. And if you need to talk face to face, you can add your favourite online meeting service to Quicklinks.

Relevant notifications keep everyone in the loop

Instant notifications ensure that your remote workforce stays in the loop in realtime. Filter messages by roles or location to ensure only relevant information is sent through.

Collaborate in Groups

Teams and information is always right at the hand, making it easier to collaborate from anywhere.

When it is easy to find information, it is easier to get work done

Working remotely is not easy if you are not organised. Keep your manuals, documents, suppliers, and answers to FAQ's easily accessible in Ziik.

Connect with everyone whenever you need it

Share important company announcements directly with roles, teams or one-to-one messages.

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