The all-in-one employee engagement platform for enterprise

Engage your entire organisation in two-way communication from one place. Store and easily share company information with the teams or individuals who need it. Give managers at every level a toolbox to communicate and drive engagement with their own teams. All of this and more - that's Ziik.

Reaching 10.000 employees takes only two clicks

Send out announcements, marketing material or COVID-19 related information to the entire organisation, by roles or by location. It's your call.

Empower your local management

With Ziik, local managers can act as admins for their own teams. They can set their own FAQs, upload relevant suppliers, create groups for their team and share news on a local level.
Local groups
Drive projects or communication to engage team members, get their feedback and get them involved.
Share common documents
Easily update and share checklists, forms and common documents.
Better overview of common activities
Create your annual marketing wheel and schedule workshops, team events and the casual friday bar. Ask team members to confirm participation.
Team announcements
Post news updates in realtime and activate read confirmation.
Answers to FAQ's
Help your teams to help themselves.
One-to-one or team messaging
Create a social channel for the entire team, reach out to anyone privately or get your information directly from a person at headquarters.
Employee handbook
Keep your handbooks, guidelines and policies easily accessible anywhere. Update them in real time to keep employees updated at all times.
Quicklinks to common tools
Set-up Quicklinks to easily access team online meeeting rooms, shift schedule or online collaboration docs.

Engage your workforce with a communication platform you control

Use the social tools in Ziik to drive employee engagement across your organisation. Create and share relevant information with employees based on roles or location. Take full control over company data.

Ziik is customised for all levels

There are different communication needs at each level and in every line of business. Ziik covers them all.
Head Office
Easily share information across your entire organisation.
Filter communication based on location and roles.
One platform with strong sharing and communication tools for everybody.
Drive employee engagement with social interaction, inspirational groups, shared news and activities.
Get total control of your data and GDPR compliance.
Track usage and engagement to ensure that everyone is on board.
Local managers
One platform to receive and send information to and from all levels.
Set groups for different purposes, shift swaps, projects or give your employees a platform to ask questions.
Enable all employees to find the information that they need, when they need it.
No need to use private social media for team communication. Keep company data on your hands.
Sales & marketing
Publish all marketing information in good time, and to the right internal audience.
Use activities, documents or news to spread the word about upcoming campaigns.
Create competitions and publish them via News or create a group with all managers and allow them to spread the word.
Perfect tool for driving culture and employee engagement
Easy to include and engage employees
Facilitates quick pre- and onboarding, on site or remote
All employees in one platform
All support included in the subscription - including first line support
Trusted by local and global brands alike
GDPR compliant by design
Connect to other enterprise software solutions through Ziik's open API
Separate work- and private life. No need to use private social media accounts for work contacts.
Reduce stress: Employees only receive notifications that are relevant to them, not everyone else.
Engage with your manager or ask an HR rep any questions through chat
Find all role specific information in handbooks or FAQs.

Integrate Ziik with your other enterprise software solutions

Ziik is built for seamless integration with other software solutions. Let's take a look at your current set-up together, and we'll help you find the best solution.

Take control of your data and compliance

Keeping everything in one single enterprise communication and information sharing platform gives you full control of your data and GDPR compliance. You set permissions and decide who gets access to what. Former employees can be forgotten with one click.

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