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GDPR in Ziik

This is what the new EU regulations mean for you as a customer with Ziik
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced in May 2018 in order to harmonize the legislation regarding personal data within the EU and to protect individuals’ control over their own data. This requires all companies to clarify – among many other things – the following in relation to sensitive personal data:
  • What personal data do you have and who has access to it
  • How do you process that data
  • How do you delete it if requested to do so
Ziik assists you with clarifying all of the above – among other things - and help you towards being GDPR compliant and get complete ownership of your data.
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Frequently Asked Questions about GDPR
  • What is personal data?
    Personal data is everything that directly or indirectly can be related to a person. This could for example be any of the following: Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, Photos, Etc.
  • What happens when I delete a user?
    When deleting a user in Ziik you are at the same time deleting all of their personal information in accordance with the GDPR Regulation ensuring that you are compliant.
  • Do you have a Data Processing Agreement?
    Yes, we do have a Data Processing Agreement or DPA in short. This is a proof for you as a customer that we handle your personal data responsibly. You can find our DPA below this FAQ section.
  • What is the difference between a Data Processor and a Data Controller?
    Most companies are data controllers, which is defined as those who determines for which purpose the data is processed as well as the manner in which it is done. This could for example be as simple as retrieving employee information in order to pay out salary. Hence, most companies are data controllers to some extend. A data processor is defined as the one that processes information on behalf of the data controller - as an example it could be a debt-collection agency or an IT provider offering a service. With the new regulation, data controllers must also be able to document that their processing of personal data is in accordance with the regulation. You can read more about the definition of data controllers and data processors on ICO’s website.
  • As an Admin User what do I do with employees who are no longer with the company?
    As the Admin User you are responsible for deleting employees when they are no longer working in your organization. You have to do this so that you to not keep any personal data that is not relevant to your business anymore. It is easy for you to delete a user – simply go to the correct user and press cancel account, which will result in all of the personal data being erased. For more help on how to delete a user please go to our Help Center
  • Does Ziik share any personal data with others?
    Yes, in order to deliver the best possible service to you we use a few other solutions. As an example, we use data processors for our server hosting service. If you are interested, you can find a detailed list of our Sub-Processors please have a look at our Data Processor Agreement from the link below the FAQ.
  • Is any information shared outside the EU?
    No, we do not share any information to third parties outside the EU.

Your Personal Data is safe with Ziik

It is important to us that all personal data within your organization is safe. We have therefore put in place a Data Processing Agreement, which is part of our Terms and Conditions and applies to all of our customers. This serves as the contract between us and ensures you that we are handling your personal data responsibly.

See our Data Processing Agreement

Contact us to find out how Ziik can help you. You can also read more about the General Personal Data Regulation.

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