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The Intranet goes social. No distractions. Easy to use for everyone.

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Intranet as it should be

Communicate and share information with each other easily. Save critical documents and give all – or selected – employees access to them. All in one place. That’s already putting broad smiles on many faces.

One, two, many

We’ve made it as simple and intuitive as possible to message the whole company, selected teams or just one colleague.

The fastest feedback you’ll ever get

We’ve made it super easy to poll, like and comment, so you’ll always know which way the winds blow.

Wasting time is so last year

On Ziik, there’s no spam and no unnecessary distractions. You can only share updates and messages with relevant colleagues, leaving the rest of the company blissfully undisturbed by irrelevant updates.

Ziik has many friends

Ziik has lots of friends that can be added in a flash. If you use specially developed software, we’ll integrate it easily through the Ziik API.

You'll be in good company

Ziik is plug and play. Both for smaller, local companies and for large organisations with locations all over the world.
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