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Reinventing the intranet, Ziik is the all-in-one internal communication and information sharing platform that gets work done. Intuitive and easy to use, Ziik drives engagement and collaboration wherever your teams go to work.

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No more confusion

"How do I do that? Am I allowed to...? Why wasn't I told? Where do I find...?

Every day, questions like these waste time for employees and managers alike. Confused employees are less engaged, less productive, spend less time on customers – and ultimately make your company less successful.

Ziik is designed to address this problem.

What you see is what you need

When you spam employees with information they don’t need, you ruin their focus and make it harder for them to do their jobs.

With Ziik, you can easily target updates, messages and other information so that only relevant employees receive it.

This ensures relevancy and focus and helps your employees stay productive.

Reach everybody

Share important company information and updates with just a few clicks and track engagement in real time.

This way ensures that you can keep all of your employees in the loop, at all times, no matter where they are.

Improved employee satisfaction and productivity

Ziik helps employees perform their jobs faster, more accurately, confident that they have the right information available when and where they need it.

Ziik puts manuals, strategy documents, company policies, business standards, news feeds, and training videos at your employees’ fingertips – when and where they need them.

Stronger focus and teamwork

Ziik keeps your teams and employees connected across devices and locations - without getting their private social media accounts involved during work hours.

With Ziik, employees can share work information, documents and gossip from anywhere – while keeping your company data under your control, and distractions to a minimum.

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Work from anywhere

Ziik is the employee engagement platform that keeps all your employees on the same page wherever they’re at work. On the road, in offices across the country or working from home, they’ll have access to all their work files and stay connected with the company, their teams and colleagues.

Integrate your favorite tools with Ziik

All the apps, filesharing services, video conference solutions and collaborative office tools you can’t live without are just one click away with Ziik.
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Ziik adds value from day one

Small companies and large organisations with locations all over the world use Ziik because it is a plug-and-play, user-friendly, and an instantly valuable internal communications platform.

Simply put, Ziik is the intranet reimagined, reconfigured and made useful again.

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"After testing 20 different platforms it was clear that Ziik was the only one capable of supporting our complex organisation."
Ali Gharaee, Development Consultant

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