An intranet app with all the features you need

Built as a native app, Ziik is packed with features that employees can access at any time from any place. Check the features out below and get your own intranet app today!

Bonus: All features are easily switched on and off to ensure you only have the features you need.

Information and knowledge sharing

Ziik provides easy access to information and effective knowledge sharing at your fingertips.

  • News
    Get an easy and instant overview of new posts, activities and group entries with a personal feed showing relevant content only.
  • Handbooks
    Keep your company handbooks, guidelines and operational manuals updated and easily available online.
  • FAQ
    Build own online knowledge base by storing answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Answers will be easily searchable across all levels.
  • Calendar
    The internal calendar helps keep everybody in the loop with upcoming activities and events. Use confirmation and comments to get feedback and validate attendance.
  • Documents
    Create folders, upload and share company documents through simple drag and drop. Permissions ensure everyone has the correct access level.

Communication and collaboration

Well connected companies outperform less connected ones. Our easy-to-use features connect your company from top to bottom, bringing people and better results one step closer.

  • Chat
    Communicate in real-time with colleagues one-to-one or in group chats.
  • Groups
    Engage teams, ease project management and follow up on activities in real-time with groups. Groups ensure focus and specialization in a familiar and effective format.
  • Polls (Coming soon)
    Engage people with live polls and get instant feedback.
  • Statistics
    Get insights into platform usage and engagement to make sure everyone is using Ziik.
  • Staff schedule
    Use the inbuilt online schedule or connect your favourite staff planning software to make sure shifts are covered.

Overview and availability

Ziik gives you a great overview of people and any piece of information you need.

  • Notifications
    Notifications ensure quick and easy overview whenever news and important messages are relevant to you.
  • Search
    Find any content and answer you are looking for in seconds with our powerful search engine.
  • Quicklinks
    Setup quick links to access third party platforms and your favourite tools with one click.
  • Contacts
    Immediate access to contact details of co-workers, units and suppliers. Can be set up to synchronize with Microsoft Active Directory.

Other benefits

Our app is more than the sum of its features. Read about the supportive benefits below and get your new intranet today.

Plug & Play
Ziik is designed as an out-of-the-box solution. It is easy to set up and use.
Hierarchical logic
Ziik fully adapts to and models your hierarchy. This ensures relevant information flows and the confidentiality of your data.
Data protection and storage
We store and protect your data using the latest technology. Store all relevant data in Ziik and keep everything in one place.
Read confirmation
Enable read confirmation when messages are important and save time when you need to follow up.
Company branding
Upload your brand and images to create a look and feel that everybody will love.
API / Integrations
With our powerful API, you can easily connect and integrate Ziik with other software solutions.

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