The work app for retail teams

Streamline operations. Focus more on the Customer.

Ziik gives your team the features they need to become more efficient so they can deliver a better and more consistent customer experience.

Immediate, interactive, engaging - it’s the simple way to connect all your staff to make sure tasks are done, procedures are followed and great ideas and campaigns are executed well.

Key features and benefits

Chat, Groups, Contacts
Task management
Tasks, Push-messages with read-confirmation, Work schedules
Concept management
Company handbooks, Documents, FAQs
Easy integration with other systems, Tutorials, Dedicated customer support

Why choose Ziik

Great for deskless teams
Ziik is designed for dynamic teams that rarely access a work computer. That means mobile-first, with the look and ease-of-use of a social media. All you need is your smartphone.
Works across all retail sectors
With clients ranging from large shopping centres to small specialist stores, Ziik is a proven solution no matter your size and shop type. Customization is easy and the platform is plug-and-play.
Seamless and social
Both customers and staff demand seamless experiences today. Ziik connects your staff with each other and the latest technology to increase engagement and job satisfaction.

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