A social intranet tailor-made for restaurants

Increase productivity and reduce time waste.

Ziik gathers all your internal communication in one platform to bridge the gap between head office and the restaurants.

With the permission-based structure, you are able to enable both top-down and bottom-up communication in your restaurants.

If you have multiple sites you can target your communication to reach entire units, employee groups such as waiters and managers, or even individuals.

Key features and benefits

Chat and Group for Shift Plans, Social Activities or New Recipes
Manage guidelines
Handbooks, Documents
Ensure compliance
Read and Confirm function to ensure your employees are informed
Ease of use
The format and features resemble social media, meaning everyone from directors to waiters find it easy to use

Why choose Ziik

Improve productivity
Ziik ensures that all information is always at hand for every single employee on the floor. No need to ask managers for relevant information as it can all easily be found on your company intranet through the search bar.
Increase engagement
The social nature of Ziik means that your employees can interact between each other, while it is easy for you to push out relevant updates keeping everyone informed and engaged.
Great for mobile employees
Ziik is designed for dynamic teams that rarely access a work computer. That means mobile-first, with the look and ease-of-use of a social media. All you need is your smartphone.

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