A professional communication tool for production companies

Reach your entire workforce with Ziik to make your communication lines as streamlined as your assembly line.

Ziik enables everyone to access vital and work-related information on the go. Reach everyone with instant chat and group messaging or use integrated mobile camera for ‘at hand’ documentation.

Key features and benefits

Chat, Groups, Contacts
Information sharing
Handbooks, Push-messages with read-confirmation
Documents, Integrates with mobile camera etc.
Ease of use
Ziik is designed for dynamic teams that rarely access a work computer. That means mobile-first, with the look and ease-of-use of a social media

Why choose Ziik

Plug and play
Ziik requires no training and is designed for companies with a mobile workforce. All you need is your smartphone
No risk
Ziik is not another IT project. Implementation is easy and our subscription model with no upfront costs ensures minimal risk.
Less is more
As specialists, we deliver a cost-effective solution without unnecessary features. You can turn features on and off as you wish for a perfectly tailored intranet.

Get an intranet that truly engages

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