A professional communication tool for NGOs and associations

Streamline communication. Focus more on your cause and stakeholders.

Ziik offers a modern solution to manage communication for any type of organisation. This is why many NGOs, board associations etc. use Ziik to communicate internally and with their stakeholders.

Immediate, interactive, engaging - make a big impression with your communication and let your team focus on the good cause instead of being caught up in old, inefficient systems.

Key features and benefits

Chat, Groups, Polls
Tasks, Push-messages with read-confirmation, Work schedules
Knowledge sharing
Documents, FAQs, Handbooks
Easy integration with other systems, Tutorials, Dedicated customer support

Why choose Ziik

Good prices for good hearts
We offer all NGOs and non-profit organisations a discount on our list price and an implementation free of charge.
Easy to use
The format and features resemble social media, meaning everyone from C-level to volunteers find it easy to use.
Engage with great technology
Not for profit does not mean a lesser need for professional tools. Ziik gives you next-generation technology that engages all.

Get an intranet that truly engages

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