A new way of tying together communication and employees in the coffeeshop

Here's your recipe for positive waiters, chefs and bottom lines.

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Ziik is an app that gathers everything from own-checks to safety manuals to employee communication.
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Ziik doesn't require long explanations, because the user experience feels like the one we already know from other social media. And you can sleep easy at night, knowing all sensitive data is encrypted and secure.

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Spend more time on guests and less time looking for manuals and answers for offhand questions. With Ziik, everything is at hand, always.

What should I think about if I want to improve our internal communication?

We put ourselves in your shoes and describe what should pay attention to, when considering a new intranet

Add the shift schedule, payroll and table reservations

You can easily add the software you are already happy using – or create a fast shortcut from Ziik.
"After testing 20 different platforms it was clear that Ziik was the only one capable of supporting our complex organisation."
Ali Gharaee, Development Consultant

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Here are the most frequently asked.

Can I add our shift schedule to Ziik?

Does it take a long time and a lot of resources to implement and keep Ziik up to date?

Does it require every employee to have a company phone?

How are sensitive data handled in Ziik?

Why not just use social media for internal communication?

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