Ziik is the foundation for better cooperation in construction

Bricklayer, carpenter or site manager? Everyone working in construction can communicate and coordinate better with Ziik in their pockets.

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Ziik is an app that gathers everything from product sheets, meeting minutes and deficiency lists to communication between the construction site and head office.
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Ziik doesn't require long explanations, because the user experience feels like the one we already know from other social media. It's intuitive to use and requires no training. And you can sleep easy at night, knowing all sensitive data is encrypted and secure.

Search just like you're used to

If you're looking for a manual, product sheet, process description or an earlier group message, you'll find what you seek in no time.

What should I think about if I want to improve our internal communication?

We put ourselves in your shoes and describe what should pay attention to, when considering a new intranet

Always on the go

Ziik is ideal for companies where employees are always on the go. Information and communication is tied together in one place and always at hand.
"Ziik absolutely makes communication, collaboration and sharing of documents easier – especially when, as is often the case in our industry, the company isn't centralised in one location."
Vesti Olsen & Hansen A/S
Christian Cordsen, IT- and Marketing Manager

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Does it take a long time and a lot of resources to implement and keep Ziik up to date?

Can we integrate Ziik with our payroll and order handling?

Can we replace our group on Facebook or WhatsApp with Ziik?

Does it require every employee to have a company phone?

How are sensitive data handled in Ziik?

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