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What our clients have in common is the need for a sophisticated yet easy-to-use collaboration tool that connects every employee to help drive the business forward.

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Regardless of your scale and scope, we are confident that Ziik can serve your needs.
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A recipe for better communication
With more than 43,000 restaurants globally, Subway demands work tools that scale and streamline operations. In Sweden, all 190 restaurants use Ziik as a highly localized yet unified intranet. This is made possible by our flexible permissions and hierarchy. The result is greatly improved internal communication despite a complex franchise-structure.
Smooth sailing and communication
Baltic Shipping Company A/S has been transporting cargo since 1950 and is providing a variety of specialised logistics services to companies worldwide. They are using Ziik to effectively communicate and share information across their fleet and offices. Features like groups and news with read-confirmation help Baltic Shipping coordinate employees and tasks to make sure everything is smooth sailing.
Expanding with engaging communication
To help execute their expansion plan and engage a young workforce, Saladbox turned to Ziik. By bringing handbooks, health and safety manuals etc. online and mobile Saladbox is able to quickly onboard new staff, increase knowledge sharing and make everyone feel part of the same team. As a bonus, the inbuilt work schedule has reduced paper waste.

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