Benefits of an Intranet for HR

Written by Signe Luntang-Jensen
12 November 2018

The Human Resource (HR) department with its primary focus on people and relationships are known as the heart of the organization. HR is connected to every part of an organization and ensures that everything runs efficiently across departments. Social technology such as intranets can be a beneficial tool for HR to achieve efficiency as they help streamline communication, increase knowledge sharing, and support team engagement. This improves productivity and help retain staff

Let's take a look at five key benefits of an intranet, and how they can be of value to your organization. 

1. Cut down on administration and time

An intranet can become an important tool to help and support your HR department with administrative tasks. Communication and knowledge sharing, without the use of digital tools, is more time consuming and comprehensive. Additionally, an intranet can function as a self-serving platform for employees. It can be used as employee’s information channel; examples of this include work-related FAQs, a place for storing essential documents, work procedures, policies etc. all uploaded or edited by the HR department. If you invest in an intranet it can save valuable HR time and resources by being a supportive tool to make the workflow and communication more efficient. This will help your HR department to focus more of their time on supporting your organization with more proactive and strategic objectives. 

 2. Support team engagement and coherence 

As stated above, an intranet promotes efficient communication and knowledge sharing. It can function as your employee’s information platform with a possibility of storing important data such as information on other departments, employees or suppliers which will encourage employee collaboration. An intranet offers the possibility of tow-way communication though the use of chats and direct messages. It is also possible to create groups with specific purposes and with people from different departments. This will support your team’s engagement and coherence. 

3. Promote organisational culture

An intranet offers the possibility to publish and clearly advocate your organizational culture. If you display your culture through the intranet employees are affected by it and develop a sense of belonging in the organizational setting. Examples of this include posting your employees handbook, recognition of achievement and success, promotion of events, projects, challenges, your organization’s policy on etiquette etc. Moreover, with the use of an intranet it is possible to update content regularly or easily broadcast new initiatives. In all, this will help your HR department with creating an awareness of your company’s culture.

 4. Manage and monitor employee development 

Another important feature, provided by some modern intranets, is the possibility for your HR department to monitor employee’s engagement and development. The intranet can provide a visual feedback on how engaged employees are in debates, surveys, mails, events etc. An intranet offers real-time feedback regarding employee well-being and employee satisfaction. This will present your HR department with insights on areas in your organization that require attention or motivation. This is valuable data for your HR department to analyze as it has the potential to be helpful when determining organizational objectives and goals for your employees. 

5. Support regional offices and staff 

The use of technology has given organizations more opportunities and flexibility than before. This results in the possibility to disperse workforces across borders and make your organization international. As mentioned above, with the use of intranets it is possible to share all relevant tools such as company documents, policies, forms, and information to make sure employees are able to perform their roles regardless of their location. Additionally, intranets have become a lot more mobile as more providers offer a mobile app version of their platform. Thereby, employees are able to access the intranet regardless of both location and without a computer. This is an important aspect to help promote your organizational culture and support your team coherence.

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