7 Steps to Identify the Best Intranet for You

Written by Laura Pop Knudsen
20 August 2018

How do I Choose the Right Intranet?

1. Find the purpose of the intranet and what problems it should solve

Be sure to have a purpose of the intranet - what should the intranet solve for the company and where might it add increased value? It can be anything from increasing cooperation in or between departments to minimizing the amount of prints, which is more measurable in terms of cost. If necessary, make a list of things that you expect an intranet to solve for you, so you do not let yourself be tempted by complicated and expensive intranets that have many features which you might not need.

2. Think compatibility and availability

Communication and information sharing often takes place over mobile phones or tablets instead of a computer, so it is important that the intranet also works on different devices. Consider mobility into the intranet and make sure that the intranet you select also works well using a smartphone or tablet. This is especially important if you have mobile employees, so they always have access to the information they need. Here it is important to ensure that the provider has a native app, which among many other things ensures you will have a well functioning product while allowing you to send push notifications to your employees.

3. Engagement

Make sure the intranet is social. Along with social media channel becoming more and more popular, it has become essential to choose an intranet that is interactive and social as well. For example, a social intranet could include a news feed where employees can like news or posts, pictures or anything that is added to the intranet. If the intranet is developed considering this social aspect, parts of it will most likely resemble social media, which will also make it easier for employees to use the intranet without training and it therefore ensure higher engagement from the employees.

4. Be compliant (GDPR)

With the EU's new General Personal Data Regulation, which is enforced from May 2018, there are stricter requirements for personal data processing - both internal and external data. Therefore, choose an intranet provider aware of the changes and the new procedures required to comply with the new rules. Some might even be able to help your company get ready for the General Personal Data Regulation. Read more about how an intranet can help you get ready for GDPR

The four above mentioned points show what to look for when searching for an intranet to ensure that it suits your company needs but it is also very important to ensure a great implementation of the intranet for it to become a success among your employees.

What should I focus on when implementing an intranet?

1. Good onboarding of new users

Most intranets are simple and easy to navigate, but in order to get started, it's a good idea to introduce the intranet properly and have clear guidelines for what the intranet will be used for and how it can help your employees. If your employees can also see the benefits of using the software themselves, then their incentive to continue using it increases.

2. Customize the content

When setting up an intranet, it is important to set up a structure that makes it easy and intuitive to use. For example, some intranets have rights management which is a permission feature that allows you to share content or files to specific departments, groups or individuals. Setting up these groups in the beginning is a good idea as employees can then exchange relevant information in a fast and efficient way without wasting time on irrelevant information.

3. Keep it updated

To have a well-functioning intranet, it is essential to keep the intranet updated - whether it is with the latest images to the marketing team or with news about the company shared on the internal news feed. It is a good idea, for example, to get a person from each department - marketing, sales, tech, or anything else - to keep up with updates so you always know which person to go to.

If you need guidance on an intranet or want to hear more about how an intranet can help prepare for the forthcoming General Personal Data Regulation, please contact Ziik on phone (+44) 790 837 6458 or by mail to hello@ziik.io